Monday, October 27, 2008

Aspendell, California

Aspendell, California
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If you want High Sierra living at alpine elevations 8500' - but close enough to a big town, then you gotta check this little village out. It's perty dang spectacular in my honest opinion. But you gotta have a 4x4 to live here for sure. Snow gets hella deep!

Aspen Dell is full of nice cabins, aspen trees, snow, granite & totally surrounded by Inyo National Forest, Eastern Sierra lakes, streams & all natural bliss. Located at the end of Hwy 168, Bishop California is just down the hill. Fishing & hiking are the big draw here. The elevations may be extreme, but some people love it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

California POA Towns

Property Owners Associations
POA Residential Communities in California

Often referred to as private neighborhoods or country clubs, they are usually located in rural landscapes & may feature golfing or lake recreation. Signs are posted to welcome or warn tourist. Annual POA fees go to support the club house, the facilities, the streets, the community - or not.

Alta Sierra
Sierra Nevada Mountains
near Grass Valley, CA

Canyon Lake
Riverside County California
near Lake Elsinore, CA


Plumas County California
near Gold Lake, CA

Kent Woodlands
Marin County California
near Mill Valley, CA

Lake Arrowhead
San Bernardino County
near Big Bear CA

Paradise Pines
Butte County California
near Chico, CA


Sierra Nevada Mountains
near Frazier Park, CA

Pine Mountain Club

Kern County California
near Frazier Park, CA

Serene Lakes
Soda Springs, Sierra Nevada Mountains
near Truckee, CA

this list will grow, stay tuned

Thursday, June 26, 2008

invasive: California Knapweed

When moving to a rural region for peace & tranquility, none of the obvious come to mind.

Russian Knapweed, originally introduced in early 1900's
Impact: Crowds out native species; toxic to horses

Over $500 in Round Up Extra Strength weed killer & numerous local government grants to kill this over-populating invasive weed, and it still lives strong in Los Padres National Forest.

I moved to the mountains for weeds and wildfire evacuations!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

California Lake Real Estate

If you cannot live at the lake, you may as well visit it - every year.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trinity County Land

Northern California Rivers

Up near the Northern California redwood rivers and Trinity Alps Wilderness lies unforgettable land. The water, the nature, the trees, the wildness. Who seeks this solitude?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

away in the mountains

If you ever dreamed of a vacation home, or just a little cabin in the mountains, now is a great buyers market in California. You can even telecommute these days with high speed from your remote location.

There are numerous deals ($200-300k) to be found in California's mountain resort towns like - Big Bear, Idyllwild & Pine Mountain.

Gambrel near Big Bear, CA

Pine Mountain Cabins

Idyllwild California

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mountain Living w/ Snow

Buying a home in a rural area often means elevations, compared to city life at sea level. In California higher altitude can mean snowy winters - above 4000'. Freeways get closed, roads are nearly impassable & getting your car outta the drive way can be an all morning chore if the snow is deep. Commuters could have a hard time with this task, especially when the M-F 9-5 schedule requires you to be there. Best choice is to work from home, online, remotely.

When purchasing a mountain home keep these considerations in the forefront.

How far do you need to drive? How often? The closer you are to the main road or highway, the easier it will be to escape. County roads are maintained by snow plows on a regular basis, so while you might hear some traffic, you will be able to access the real world without problems of just getting outta your neighborhood. The further tucked back you are, the more seclusion & privacy, but the more likely you will get buried during a good snow season.

Choose a lot with minimal trees on it. Not only will wildfire danger be greatly reduced, but sunshine can reach you easily & warm your home.

Look for a home with a garage. Storing your vehicle out of the elements will help prolong the paint job & the tires. Plus it is easier to get in & outta your home & to your vehicle. Auto repairs can be brutal outside in winter. With a garage you have a safe place to work.

Buy a place on the "sunny side" of the hill. Annual sun patterns puts the ultimate melter low in the southern sky during winter months, December-March. If your mountain cabin faces south, you receive the benefits of the sun. These pluses include melting the snow faster, eliminating the ice, warming the house, easier gardens & growing.

Gravel driveways have grip, even in the winter months, but mud can be a factor. Cement or paved driveways are easier to plow or shovel, but can get iced over easily. Heating elements built inside the cement can run you a small fortune. Steep entrances should be avoided. Circular driveways are preferred, as you'll have multiple access roads to your property - for firewood deliveries & grocery unloading.

Wood burning is by far the most efficient way to heat a rural home & they do not require any electricity. Collect the free kindling & firewood in the forests during warmer months & buy hard wood to create a mix of wood types for best results. Propane or natural gas can get very expensive - especially with an older forced air heating unit. Electric heaters can rack up the bill as well. Pellet stoves require electricity to run, so if the power fails & you are living "primitive" style, then you have no source of heat - which is crucial in winter @ 10 degrees.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Randsburg for Sale

This is it. The career move you've been waiting for. If you desire to escape the SoCal city life (rat race) & relocate to the middle of nowhere ---- plus still get paid for it, here we go.

Imagine yourself driving northbound outta Los Angeles (in bumper to bumper traffic - as usual). You exit Hwy 14 toward Palmdale, passing Lancaster, Rosamond & the town of Mojave California. The Eastern Sierra are only an hour away. Mount Whitney, Ancient Bristlecone Pines, Bishop & Mammoth are on this main route, Hwy 395.

Just before you arrive at the 395 junction, there is a small desert road that cuts off to the east, into the historic mine area of Rand Mining District. This is home to a small tourist stop called Randsburg California. Antique shops, saloons & more motorcycle boys than you know what to do with, this place is dubbed the LIVING GHOST TOWN.

A few decades ago, Bill & Brenda from Los Angeles, dumped a ton o cash, plus blood, sweat & tears into this historic town. They created the Cottage Hotel & it is the best overnight stay in this neck of the woods. (Sure beats motels in Ridgecrest CA) Pat recently took over, 5 years ago and loves it, but now must sell this hotel property. Luxury desert inn, rustic resort ranch, a quaint bed & breakfast in the North Mojave is now for sale. Check it out for income opportunity.