Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weaverville, California

Seeking retirement real estate, ranch lands, affordable riverfront properties, or secluded cabin communities in California? Or maybe you just wanna find th closest county park, nearest waterfall, mountain bike or hiking trails near your city. Anyone who wants to relocate to the California (or the lovely backcountry), this is the space for you.

This relocation blog is my search for the ultimate rural destinations in Northern California. Of course, most of us will need high-speed internet connection, to be able to work from home. I hear from a very reputable local source that the small community of Weaverville, CA does have DSL in town' & other outlying areas, like Lewiston, have wireless internet available.

Trinity River - fishing, hiking, kayaking & biking, horseback
2 LAKES NEARBY: Trinity Lake & Whiskeytown Reservoir
Weaverville is located west of Redding CA, on Highway 299

Home prices here can start below $200k, but it will be a shack or tiny fixer upper. You can find a small home in town for under $300k and a home with land for under $400k. There is plenty raw land available, but you may need to run electricity to it; plus dig a well for water & install a septic system.If you plan to build, price out everything ahead of time - not only the home build cost, but septic, drilling a well, solar options, lot grading, driveway paving, tree removal, and numerous unforeseen expenses. Visit the county clerk to gather more info on building a home in the area you are investigating.

Small town California could be waiting for you.
Stay tuned for more California destinations.

Downieville: Mtn Bike Sierra

Highway 49 is the Gold Country & this is the far north end of it, where the Yuba River runs wild & the Sierra Buttes are the majestic centerpiece for the Northern Sierra Nevada.

The infamous Downieville Classic is the big annual race for mountain bikers. A huge event for the small historic town. The Downieville Downhill is the longest and most demanding downhill mountain bike race in the country, or so they say. The rest of the year, it's great fishing, camping & hiking all the way around. Lakes Basin Recreation Area is perfect for a day trip, picnic & hike. Sierra Buttes, Gold Lake, Lake Campgrounds are abundant in this region. Goose Lake, Haven Lake,  Packer Lake, Sardine Lake, Snag Lake, Salmon Creek, Frasier Falls are all nearby lake destinations.

downieville ca

Home prices here are almost as high as neighboring Grass Valley & Nevada City, but you are much more remote in this location. Winters can be harsh with snow, ice, power outages and road closures. Smog from the Central Valley may not reach you tucked way back here and the Sacramento heat & bad traffic will be non-existent. Tourists traffic is abundant in summer, and overwhelming sometimes. Seasonal recreation like fishing, hunting, cross country skiing, snowmobiling bring locals here all year long.

california mountain cabins for sale

California Mountain Cabins

August is the month that search engines experience an influx of sweltering city folks searching for 'mountain cabins' in California. Rentals or ownership, small towns, higher elevations, wild scenery. No traffic, no stoplights, no cell phone signal... just fresh air, peace and quiet. The majority of cabin seekers are dreaming of cooler climates, hoping for a real estate deal, seeking a second home or maybe telecommute from a rural alpine hide-away.

California Cabin Communities are located in more places than just Big Bear, Tahoe & the Eastern Sierra. Total Escape has a full list of California forests & small towns - with vacation cabins rentals, fishing cabins & cabins for sale. If you gonna buy real estate or property in a rural region, you may as well spend a weekend up there & really check out the place.

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