Saturday, August 17, 2013

california mountain cabins for sale

California Mountain Cabins

August is the month that search engines experience an influx of sweltering city folks searching for 'mountain cabins' in California. Rentals or ownership, small towns, higher elevations, wild scenery. No traffic, no stoplights, no cell phone signal... just fresh air, peace and quiet. The majority of cabin seekers are dreaming of cooler climates, hoping for a real estate deal, seeking a second home or maybe telecommute from a rural alpine hide-away.

California Cabin Communities are located in more places than just Big Bear, Tahoe & the Eastern Sierra. Total Escape has a full list of California forests & small towns - with vacation cabins rentals, fishing cabins & cabins for sale. If you gonna buy real estate or property in a rural region, you may as well spend a weekend up there & really check out the place.

  • Arrowhead Lake Cabins
  • Bass Lake Cabins
  • Big Bear Cabins 
  • Bridgeport Twin Lakes
  • Country Ranches
  • Gold Country Cabins
  • Idyllwild Cabins
  • Julian Cabins 
  • June Lake Cabins
  • Lake Almanor Cabins
  • Lake Tahoe Cabins 
  • Mammoth Cabins
  • Mount Laguna Cabins
  • Mount Shasta Cabins
  • North Coast Cabins
  • Palomar Cabins
  • Pinecrest Lake Cabins
  • Sequoia Cabins
  • Shasta Lake Cabins
  • Shaver Lake Cabins
  • Sierra Cabins
  • Tahoe Cabins
  • Yosemite Cabins