Sunday, September 16, 2007

Juniper Hills

Sometimes you do not need to drive very far outside of SoCal to feel like you're on the middle of nowhere. Large expansions of deserts close to Los Angeles & San Diego give that remote feeling of rural, out of the way locales. From Pasadena, on the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains, is an area known as Palmdale CA. Up against the mountain is Pearblossom & Littlerock CA. Above that, on the rocky desert slopes, where the views of the Antelope Valley are nice, sits a rural neighborhood community of Juniper Hills....where the Joshua trees meet the Junipers!

Fort Tejon Road (N2) cuts thru this high desert region, but is no where near the State Park of Ft Tejon on the Grapevine (I-5). Only 1000 residents live in the hills here, where the elevation is between 4000'-6000' & big boulders, juniper trees & joshua trees line the landscape. Devils Punch Bowl is a nearby park with visitors center & hiking trails. This area is also well known for it's equestrian ranches & excellent horseback riding trails. The area does get a dusting of snow each year & many of the roads are dirt, so it would be advisable for residents to own a 4x4 vehicle. Although Juniper Hills now has it's own Town Council, very little can be found on the web about this desert paradise. The prices are not cheap due to the fact that the land is inside Los Angeles County & close by to SoCal high desert cities.

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Map of Juniper Hills & Devils Punch Bowl, Pearblossom, CA 93553